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.. ultralight-hungary.hu/kepek/be.jpg" width="300" />Apis/Bee is a single-seat middle wing ultralight ..


.. ultralight ..


.. ultralight-hungary.hu/kepek/taurus.jpg" width="300" />Taurus a világ első egymás melletti üléses felszálló motoros ultralight  vitorlázógépe.
Teljes szabadságot és függetlenséget kínál a pilóták számára a felszálló motor. Behúzható motor és propeller, behúzható kettős főfutó a biztos guruláshoz, kiváló siklószám, olcsó fenntartási költségek, mindemellett kényelmes és tágas egymás melletti ülés elhelyezés.



Valóban világujdonság az Electro Taurus --> bővebb informació:

Taurus Electro is flying!

Video of Taurus Electro in flight

First release (December 2007): Taurus Electro - First announcement

The only two-seat glider with a 15-meter wing-span is also the most independent in operation. Equipped with a powerful, yet fully retractable engine and double retractable main undercarriage, the Taurus can go gliding wherever and whenever you want. When others will be waiting for a helper to connect the tow rope and hold the wingtip for take-off, you will already be far away and flying for hours in the Taurus. Worth noting is also the ease of assembling the glider. Taurus is the easiest 2-seat glider to assemble, due to its automatic control connections and the fact that one wing only weighs 40 kg (90 lbs).

Powerful take-off and climb
From take-off to 500 m (1650 ft) she only needs 3 minutes, 6 minutes to 1000 m (3300 ft) and 10 minutes to 1500 m (5000 ft). Then, reaching target altitude you shut down and retract the engine at a flick of a switch - literally. It may seem unspectacular but Taurus outperforms even single-seat self launching gliders when it comes to take-off and climb!

Intelligent engine control system
The intelligent engine control system will do everything by itself, making sure the propeller has positioned itself correctly and retracting the engine for you, while you concentrate on finding that perfect lift! Built-in safety will even prevent inadvertent start-up or retractions of the engine!

Gliding performance
Gliding takes on a new meaning when you start taking advantage of the excellent 1:41 glide ratio coupled with 5 flaperon settings and head to your next waypoint… Flying is much more fun in the side-by-side cockpit arrangement where you can easily share tasks with your copilot, conduct lessons or simply small talk with your friend.


Klaus Ohlmann, multiple gliding World Record holder, speaks about Taurus:

"Taurus has some great advantages, which originate from the ultralight world:

- the glider has enough space in the cockpit for two very large pilots;
- side-by-side seating arrangement is a real reward in comparison to the tandem-seating. Flying the Taurus is a lot more fun;
- the ballistic total-rescue system is huge advantage when compared to conventional motorgliders;
- taxi with the double-wheel undercarriage is a luxury, especially for training flights;
- the overall quality and finish is surprisingly good;
- it has self fitting connections for all flight controls - big plus;
- although being an ultralight, the glider feels like a real glider;
- Taurus will definitely convince some of the ultralight ..


.. ultralight-hungary.hu/kepek/virus-sw.jpg" width="300" />VIRUS SW:
Kétszeres NASA-verseny győztes repülőgép.
Ma már szériagyártásba került és rendelésre vásárolható !

A Pipistrel gyár szériában gyártja a Virus SW (Short Wing) repülőgépet.
Ez a repülőgép a népszerű Virus 912 UL repülőgépek második generációs fejlesztése.

Vízszintes sebessége 320 km/h felett.

A jövő repülőgépeinek versenyén kétszeres NASA-verseny győztes repülőgép.
Ma már szériagyártásba került és rendelhető, vásárolható !


We are proud to announce our brand new aircraft, the Virus SW. Virus SW is the only light aircraft that combines pure speed with unprecedented fuel economy. We are convinced that Virus SW will win the hearts of many aviators world-wide, just like it won the NASA challenge. Twice!

The very aeroplane that won the NASA centennial PAV challenge 2007 and NASA GAT centennial challenge 2008 has been further refined and optimised for even better performance.
With the structural and flight tests completed in autumn 2008, the deliveries of the Virus SW are now in full swing.

All engineering work and testing of the new 10.71 meter Virus S-Wing was carried out at Pipistrel premises at Ajdovščina, Slovenia. The design basis follow the strictest EASA CS-22, CS-VLA and CS-23 (sections) certification standards, as well as their FAA FAR counterparts. More than a year of ground structural and vibration tests went by without a glitch, followed by an extensive flight test programme with more than 100 hours cumulative tests.

We are extremely pleased about the fact that the Virus SW met and by far exceeded the anticipated flight performance.
Maneouvering speed was raised from 141 km/h (76kts) to 176 km/h (95 kts), turbulence penetration speed (green arc) was raised from 141 km/h (76kts) to 240 km/h (130 kts) and the VNE from 249 km/h (135 kts) to 320 km/h. This means that you can cruise through heavy turbulence at speeds which were before beyond red-line speeds for the original Virus. The new S-wing has the largest flight safety margins in its category and can be equipped with the total rescue system, which can be deployed even at maximum speeds and close to the terrain.

The new Virus S-Wing is a statement of our long-time philosophy that you can achieve remarkable feats without wasting energy and polluting the environment. Every aircraft is designed, manufactured and perfected in our state-of-the-art, energetically self-sufficient facility at Ajdovscina, Slovenia. Using geothermal and solar energy to power the whole production process, we are able to spare the environment 180.000 kilograms of CO2 emissions every year. By owning the new S-Wing you will contribute to a better and cleaner World! Our Ecolution campaign represents Pipistrel's mission to show the World that eco-friendly, high-technology products are in fact possible and available today!

The new S-Wing's performance has been confirmed by NASA. You can read all about it here:

Please note that the production version of S-wing is even better than the prototype which competed at the challenges.
Pipistrel has already taken more than 30 orders since the NASA Challenge victories! Orders are coming both from individuals and flight schools, all over the world.
The aircraft can be equipped by either the Rotax 912 UL2 (80 hp) or 912 ULS (100 hp) powerplants and a large variety of avionics options. With pricing from €76,000 EUR, the new 80 HP S-Wing cruises at 246 km/h (133 kts), burning less than 13.6 liters per hour (3.6 gph). At 75% cruise-power-setting the 100 HP version speeds over the skies at 273 km/h (147 kts)! This really speaks about the performance and economy of the new S-wing.

The design weight for the new S-Wing is 550 kg (1212 lbs) with more than 250 kg (551 lbs) useful load and the fuel capacity of 100 liters (26 gallons). This all means that you can cover distances in excess of 1850 km (1000 nm)! The exclusive kevlar-reinforced safety cockpit with luxurious leather interior will keep you both comfortable and safe.
At 472.5 kg the new S-Wing also meets all requirements for the microlight/ultralight ..


.. ultralight-hungary.hu/kepek/virus1.jpg" width="300" />A VIRUS 912  gyors és  hihetetlenül gazdaságos ultralight ..